Milestones A range of important Sauter innovations have entered the annals of piano-making.

1898Double repetition mechanism
1959Microtone piano
1977Spherical concavity
1994Additional register demarcation
1995Hydraulic slow-close fallboard
1996The new Design series
1999Sostenuto pedal
2005Titan Duplex
2019Keytop which simulates real ivory
1819 Beginnings

A young carpenter from Spaichingen, Johann Grimm, founds a workshop in Spaichingen, which later becomes Sauter Pianofortemanufaktur. Over six generations the company develops into one of the leading piano manufacturers.

1898 Double repetition mechanism

Double repetition mechanism is patented. The R2 mechanism (which underwent further refinement in 1972) enables faster repetition on an upright, similar to the action of a grand. A Sauter specialty.

1959 Microtone piano

Sauter introduces a microtone piano, a rarity worldwide, with intervals smaller than a semitone (known as micro-intervals). In 1999 Sauter began building microtone pianos again in limited numbers.

1977 Spherical concavity

Following intensive in-house research, the spherical concavity® for the sound board is developed. This enhances the vibration of the sound board to produce rich overtones, and is the secret of the uniquely full Sauter sound.

1994 Additional register demarcation

Additional register demarcation for concert grands is introduced. Coloured markings for important demarcation points on the sound board make it easier to immediately locate the corresponding point on a string and quickly switch from playing the keys to playing the strings.

1995 Hydraulic slow-close fallboard

Grand piano music rack with easy one-hand operation developed. Hydraulic slow-close fallboard introduced.

1996 The new Design series

Well-known designer Peter Maly reinterprets grands and uprights by applying his purist approach to form, exclusively for Sauter. Today the range consists of two grands and ten uprights.

1999 Sostenuto pedal

Newly developed mechanism allows very fine adjustment of the sostenuto monkey/lift dowel.

2005 Titan Duplex

Titan Duplex: sliding titanium support bridges allow fine adjustments to the strings at the upper duplex bridge, for an unusually pure and brilliant sound.

2019 Keytop which simulates real ivory

A new type of keytop, developed in conjunction with the Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research. The patented material has a comparable chemical formula and similar characteristics to real ivory.