An Innovation for the Connoisseur Sauter introduces grand pianos with patented keytops which simulate natural ivory.

As most pianists know, plastic piano keys do not have the same characteristics as keys made of natural materials:

they feel somehow cold or artificial. At any rate they have replaced elephant ivory, much sought-after for many centuries, which was banned in the 1980s as elephant species are protected. Unfortunately, no plastic has been able to match the aesthetic appeal, haptics or moisture absorption properties of natural ivory.

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«All the advantages of natural ivory.»

The Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research has developed a material which in terms of colour and haptic quality is indistinguishable from natural ivory, and in fact has a identical chemical composition. All the parameters – coefficient of friction, moisture absorption, mechanical rigidity and thermal conductivity – match those of natural ivory. At the same time, the new keytop material is made from widely available raw materials and is biodegradable. Sauter provided the initial impetus for the development of the new material.

Concert grands with the newly developed keytops will be available in 2020.

Sauter presented an OMEGA grand piano with the newly developed keytops in summer 2019. Sauter concert grands with the patented keytops will be available in 2020. Pianists are sure to be delighted.